Monday, April 6, 2009

Not 15, not 10, but 5 minutes in the life of Mason

Hanging out in Braden's Lightning McQueen chair

We busted out the push toy and with binky secure he toodled all over the place.

Still able to maintain his focus and balance. . .even without the binky.

Mason making a beeline to Braden's TV area. We keep the bean bag in front of it to keep Mason out. Braden was choosing a movie and Mason saw an opportunity.

No, no, Mason!

Away from the TV and now over to Braden's art desk. Yes, Mason has his own toys, LOTS OF THEM, but Braden's are just much more appealing.

Again. . .Braden's magnifying glass from his insect kit. Makes a perfect chew toy for Mason

Now looking out the window.

Crawling back to Braden, trying to enjoy his movie.

On to bigger and better things.

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