Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kindergarten Roundup

Braden is officially registered for Kindergarten. In our town, there are 3 public kindergarten's and one private. We live a block away from Lakeside, so guess where Braden is going! They have what is called Kindergarten Roundup where you fill out all of your paper work, prove the kid is really yours, and they take a quick assessment. They will also do you shots, but knowing that we want Braden to WANT to go to school, we opted to get those from the Dr. office.

These smiles are somewhat staged. Ten minutes before, when Blake picked Braden up from preschool, he discovered that Braden had ribbed the quarter size hole in the knee of his jeans, all the way to his ankle, and his explanation was "because it makes me look cool dad," I LOVED Blake's response "we had some extra $$$ that we could have bought you a toy with, but now we have to buy new jeans." The look on Braden's face was priceless!

Braden can see, no excuses when I tell him to 'find it himself'

Braden can also hear perfectly, much to my shock, maybe it's just my voice. . .he either tunes me completely out or just loves to hear it so much I have to tell him to get his shoes on 3 times. I'm going to pretend that's what it is.

He did a great job on this little exercise or "game" as the nice lady called it. I didn't realize he could recognize a cone, cylinder and cube. He can also identify double digit numbers. Who knew! I'll take credit for part of this, because during car pool we take turns reading off the speed limit signs!

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