Thursday, April 9, 2009

Trial Run

Today one of our very good friends, Leah, organized an Easter Egg hunt at our good friend & neighbor, Will's house. I wasn't sure if we would make it, I had forgotten about dentist appointments for Braden & Mason at 4. But amazingly we were out the door by 4:30 and arrived "just in time!" Of course I never let Braden know what we were missing, so as we pulled in the driveway I said "oh look, Braden all of your friends are at Will's, let's go see what is going on!"

The whole gang! Mattie, Logan, Ethan & Gracie, (green shirt) Zach, Braden & Will in front

The love of sisters! Mattie & Gracie

Braden is so proud of his found eggs, and his snazzy "Cars" bucket that Ann & Becki brought him in Branson.

Braden was so sweet to divvy up his eggs with Mason since he didn't get to find any!

A few of my "transplant" freinds! These are some of the ladies in our book club and they are all from "somewhere else" Me, Leah (has lived everywhere), Suzie (CA), Silvia (Paraguay), Jill (Denver), Joanna (KC)

Ahh, Mason, wanting his Momma!

New friend Dillon, he's 6 months old.

Hmmm, that binky looks awful yummy!

Dillon's big brother, Zach

Braden did a great job finding eggs!

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