Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Marathon

This post actually is going backwards starting with last night! As I was showing Mason the pics on the fridge, we came to Braden with his undies on his head at Christmas in 07, and he decided to reenact it. I had to get the picture because I know he will appreciate it when he's 16.

Braden shared his egg coloring supplies with our buddy Will. I only boiled 1 dozen so they got 6 a piece. They could have colored them all day, but with the cold rain there's no way were going to get to hunt them. Braden likes boiled eggs, so it was fun for him to peel one for dinner.

Mason & Daddy after the egg hunting festivities on Saturday.

Braden & Will at the mega egg hunt on Saturday. The paper reported around 1200 people were present.

Mason was nice and cozy in the stroller. Braden was nice enough to show off his eggs.

Easter baskets arrived at the Benson house on Saturday instead of Sunday, so we could have them for the hunt.

Mason gives a whole new meaning to "bed head"

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