Friday, August 28, 2009

Paint the Town Red 2009

This picture was taken Friday night at the outdoor movie "Up" poor Mason had tummy troubles so Blake stayed home with him while Braden and I got to enjoy the movie with lots of our friends.

After I got a quick shot of Blake and the boys and he got a quick shot of me and the boys, Braden wanted to take a picture. This is his handy work of us!
This was his first attempt! He loved that he "chopped our heads off"

By this point, Mason was about out of smiles! His shoes were on, which means he is getting to "go" somewhere and he was ready to be gone!

Ok, if this picture didn't crack you up the first time you saw it a year ago, now it should bring the same tears for you it brought me this morning! I'm still laughing! Amazing the difference a year makes. Mason was 3 months in this picture!

Our bundles of joy, today! Braden is Mr. Big Shot Kindergartner, and our big 14 month old Mason.

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