Monday, August 17, 2009

Room with a view

Today is my first day as a full time instructor in the Graphics & Imaging Technologies department at PSU. You could say I'm on an emotional roller coaster. . .nervous, excited, overwhelmed, thankful. . . .
I've had access to my office all summer and it's taken all summer to get it to this point of disarray. I'm sure it will evolve, but for now it is what it is. I love the view. I'm located in the Kansas Technology Center and have a direct view of the courtyard.

I'm teaching three classes this semester, including the Web Site design class I've been teaching adjunct for the past 3 semesters.

I also have my guys looking on while I prepare for my classes!

Most all of the faculty offices in KTC are "slices" long and narrow with one full wall of shelves, which I had no problems filling! I didn't try to sugar coat it, all of the clutter and unpacked boxes are in plain view!

This is a creation I made just for my new space. I've been on a letter collecting spree for another project at home and used some of my duplicates to make this. The 'd' and the 'g' were plain letters that I covered with scrapbook paper. I painted the 'n' and wire wrapped both it and the 'i'. The 's' and 'e' were not manipulated at all. Some of the letters hang and some prop up against the wall.

Here's that wall of shelves I mentioned. I've filled it with pretties and necessities, old goodies and new! Both Braden and Mason have made trips up here over the summer to help me get it all settled.

Picture me sitting here slaving away on my daily presentations that will hopefully enthrall and enrich the minds of my students! Whew, that's a stretch!

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