Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Kindergartener

Today was Braden's first day of Kindergarten! He doesn't know it but the first day was actually last Friday, as we were on our way home from Destin! Can't you see how nervous he is! Not at all!

Blake took Mason to 'school' then came back home so we could both walk him on his first day! We live a block from the school. Our good friends the Arbuckles were headed out at the same time so we all walked together.

Here they are, headed down the steps to the gym. Two peas in a pod! When we moved to Pittsburg, Braden had just turned 2 and Will was just turning 3. We couldn't be luckier to have them for our neighbors and our dear, dear friends.

No tears were shed, by Braden or Mom & Dad!

His teacher is Ms. Vacca, which we've been practicing. She's very, very nice. He has several friends in his class that he recognized as soon as we got to the gym: River Peery, Tiere, & Jeremy.

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