Friday, August 21, 2009

Strong Will, Determination & A Hard Head Pay Off

(No Blake, this is not about me)

Upon arrival at school, the students can either eat breakfast in the cafeteria or go directly to the gym. In the gym each class has a line they are to sit on and visit with friends until their teacher comes to get them. The first kid there will basically be the last in line and the last kid to arrive will be the first one to walk out with the teacher.

When we arrived this morning, Braden sat down and the girl behind him got up and sat in front of him. It was evident she planned to be the first one to walk out with the teacher, and lead the other students to the classroom. Braden got up and moved in front of her. I observed while socializing on the sidelines, hesitant to step in, waiting to see how it was going to play out. They did this about 3 times until Braden got up and walked to the very end of the line where there was no more room for anyone to sit in front of him. So she sat behind him. Ten more kids could fit behind this little girl before the gap closed between her and Braden and the "rest" of the class.

This girl was easily and inch taller and had about 10 pounds on Braden, but he was not deterred. Until she unzipped his backpack. The tears came and he immediately came over to tell me. The teacher hadn't arrived yet, and I had no idea if her parent was one of the dozen along the wall. So I walked him back over, she HAD NOT slid over into his spot as "line leader" and I had him look at her and say "Please don't unzip my backpack" fortunately the teacher arrived, and she asked Braden why he was sad, and said the same thing to the girl. Of course her response was "I know, his mom already told me" As I walked back home I couldn't help but wonder how many other kids came in and sat next to this girl and she got up and jumped ahead of them.

As I left Braden was satisfied in leading his classmates to their classroom.


  1. the first of many school incidents, I'm sure.

  2. Interesting too that the kindergarten classes have different rules. Mrs G. is taking each child by number, so every kid has their turn. Corin is number 4, so on day 4 of school she led the class! Seeing Braden sitting practically in the doorway to the gym was hilarious. And I think 20 kids could have sat between them and the rest of the class!