Monday, March 29, 2010

Braden: The Egg Hunter

Saturday morning, Uncle Tyler came to town! It was perfect timing for us because we had an Easter Egg hunt at 11, which Blake was the MC, so I took Mason to his designated area while Braden went with Uncle Ty, or Ty Ty as Mason calls him.

How about this outfit. The ground was muddy so I insisted on the rain boots; this is his new Tshirt that arrived in the mail from Ann; he picked out the blue pants; Baseball basket from last year; Uncle Ty's sunglasses; and still gets the chicks...priceless!

It was so sweet, because even after finding one prize egg, Tyler said he wouldn't stop until he found one for Mason. He also asked about nuts in some of the candy, and that Mason couldn't have that kind. Braden is such an amazing big brother!

Tyler shared some of his "product" on Sunday morning. Nice faux hawk!

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