Sunday, March 7, 2010

King Pin

Braden had the pleasure of attending a "Bowling Birthday" party for twins Michael (above) and Aaron (below). They became friends in the first daycare he attended when we moved to Pittsburg and have stayed in touch ever since.

They are the nicest kids, and Braden had so much fun bowling!

Braden and an "old" friend, Lydia




These are the same two buckets that Braden would spend hours playing with at this same age, in Fort Smith. Then they were our dog's water buckets, and Blake would use them to soak wood chips in for the grill. Now they are just the wood chip buckets. Amazing that something so simple can provide so much entertainment.

While we enjoyed bowling, Blake sent me these pictures from his phone. He and Mason took a long walk in the stroller, then spent some time in the back yard!

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