Monday, March 15, 2010

In love with the camera

Braden is officially on his "first" spring break, and I am, too! The teaching gig has worked out perfectly with Braden's school schedule! We said goodbye to Daddy around 12, as he headed to DC. Braden wanted to know if he was going to see Barack Obama. Then we had to do a few errands of our own. We ended up on campus and while I was chatting with one of the PSU staff photographers in their studio, the other one started snapping these pics of Braden. As you can tell it took a lot to get him out of his shell.

This is his "Michael Jackson" hat that he got for Christmas and on a whim he grabbed it as we were walking out the door. He likes it because some of the back-up dancers wear one just like it in "This Is It."

How sweet is this face?


  1. ohhh, I like that last picture a lot! he's growing so big