Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finally. . . A Day Outside!

Braden has been dying to get outside and play baseball, so finally on Sunday we were able to get some time in the backyard. Amazingly, Mason sat in the sandbox for the longest time while Blake and Braden practiced playing catch.

Braden definitely has hitting down, both pitches and from the T, but he needs a little work on catching. Blake has hopes that maybe he can play first this summer.

As with most things, Mason wants to do exactly what Braden does. So he got to practice his skills, too. Poor guy, this plastic ball was too big for him to pick up with one hand and he got so frustrated when he had to use both to put it back on the T.

Bat, hat, and stick. What more does a guy need?


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  2. jackson starts tball this year. Not sure how he'll do with it. we shall see...