Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mason's Quest for Eggs

Mason and Dylan have a lot in common. They both have older brothers, they both go to The Center, sometimes in the same room, and they both spend a lot of time out and about in these strollers!

Mason's age group, 0 - 2, was held on one of the ball fields. Not only did it keep them from getting trampled by the bigger kids, it helped keep them confined.

After pointing to the eggs (Mason called them balls at first) and talking about all the colors we could see, I explained how he was going to get all the eggs and put them in his turtle (basket). After talking about this for a few minutes he was ready to go! So the challenge then was explaining "not yet" we had to listen for Daddy (the MC) to tell us when we could "go" So instead he decided to run all over the ball filed. I was ok with this, my only fear was that he would fall and cover this adorable yellow vest in mud. Didn't happen!

Mason got the hang of it very quickly, and unlike Braden's first egg hunt, there were plenty of eggs for him to stop and think about before deciding if he wanted them in his "turtle" Not a big sense of urgency.

The candy was mesmerizing. A few of the eggs came open and all egg hunting came to a halt while he investigated the candy.

Mason LOVED the Easter Bunny. He said "bun-ny" in the sweetest voice and even at home would say "cute"

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