Friday, March 5, 2010

Sounds like…

Blake and I both received this email from Braden's teacher, today…

Blake & Christel,

I thought this was too funny not to take a picture and share. Today we drew a tent and wrote "I have a tent". I was walking around checking papers and making corrections if needed. When I got to Braden, I was showing him that when he makes lowercase t's he needed to start between the sky and the fence. As I was looking at his paper, I noticed an extra word on his paper. At first I was shocked that he would write that so I asked him to read me what he wrote. He says, "I know I shouldn't have wrote it, but.... I have a dumb tent." Look closely at the picture and I am sure you will get a giggle too! I didn't correct his spelling just left it as is.

I am still laughing! It is moments like this that make you just love these kiddos more everyday!!!!

Hope you have a great weekend!! Once again, thanks for sharing Braden with me this year!! I truly enjoy him!!

Mrs. Vacca

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  1. oh yeah, that's classic. One to save for the school scrapbook, for sure. HA!