Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tough Guy with Great Hair

Braden has been through the ringer this past week! He said his face hurt on Wednesday morning, and there was a small know near his ear, so took him to the doctor in the afternoon. He had an infection in his ear that had spread to a gland in his face. The treatment ended up being a shot right then, two more on Thursday and two more on Friday. In addition to ear drops. He cried really hard for the first one, was considerably calmer with Blake on Thursday morning, barely flinched on Thursday afternoon........but on Friday the morning shot had to be given at the hospital because the doctor's office doesn't open until 1:00 p.m. They were close to having to strap him to a board. I have to admit that I was crying too, because he was so upset. By Friday afternoon he was fine again, of course Blake took him for this one, so he must have the magic touch.

Blake took both boys back to the doctor on Monday. Braden for a follow-up, no shot but still not clear to swim, and Mason has tonsillitis. I stopped by to drop off shot records, and helped hold Mason while Braden was being examined. He was so afraid he would need another shot, he was already crying. In the meantime....Mason threw up on me. Did I mention I am so grateful for these children. I truly am, but you never know what a day is going to bring!

Both boys got hair cuts today and Braden was so proud of his! After bath he even combed Mason's for him. The picture above was in preparation of watching Cardinal baseball with Daddy and eating trail mix.

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  1. blah....sick kids. Hope they feel better soon