Saturday, July 10, 2010

Birthday Marathon for Blake

If we want to get technical, it was officially July 10, although around 2 a.m. when Blake's day began. Braden is fighting nasty ear infections and a cough. His rx cough medicine seems to wear off precisely around 2. He came in to get a drink of water, and in his deep sleep it startled Blake, which scared Braden. Not so funny at the time but it makes me giggle thinking about Blake's reenactment of the situation and imagining it happening.

Blake was then up around 5 for bike and run, back home in time to open presents before our 11:00 a.m. final T-ball game!

These boys LOVE the music cards!

This is a book I found about all the Ballparks in the US. Blake has started a collection of decorative baseballs from stadiums he has been able to visit on various trips. It makes a really neat display in his office and I thought this book would go along with that.

This is a snazzy biking shirt for his big race next weekend. I'm quite sure he will be the only one in our PSU colors!

New Cardinals hat

The last gift was too big to wrap so the boys made him hide his eyes while we carried it out. It was a basket for of BBQ utensils, rubs, and all kinds of accessories. This was a great gift, because he actually won it at a silent auction and brought it home for us to give him! That ladies and gentlemen is one of the many reasons I LOVE THIS MAN!

Headed to first. This was our final T-ball game of the season, and Braden's last official T-ball game ever. He will now start machine pitch next summer. Scary...for me!

One of the many joys of our town.....the team before ours had a celebratory picnic and one of Braden's friends was on this team. His mom came over to Mason and I at the playground and offeren watermelon, hot dogs and drinks! Mason heard watermelon and made a beeline!

Coach handing out our medals and free snow cone tickets!

Mason stormed the dugout and immediately started putting on all the gear, without any help at all!

He loves the bats! Aluminum bats are typically off limits, but Mason uses them more like a golf club, swinging on the ground rather than in the air!

As we pulled into the park, I told Mason "We've gotta look for Daddy's truck, Mason" His response was "Daddy's truck and yellow bus" He LOVES the Jolley Trolley!

Mason's expression cracked us up!

While Mason napped and Blake mowed the yard (I know even on his birthday he had to mow!) Braden and I whipped up this chocolate cake with of course chocolate icing! No eggs so Mason could enjoy it, too!

Braden kept wanting to put the candles on the cake and he was holding them up as 53 instead of 35. Blake was less than impressed!

Mason loved the "giant cupcake" that was "brown" as he put it.

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