Tuesday, July 13, 2010

While Mom's away.....

Before I left on Sunday, I made a little scavenger hunt for Braden. Blake had the first clue that Braden had to be able to read, and they directed him to other envelopes and finally the prize. Not thinking very well, I hid one clue under our bed. Our bedroom ceiling is getting patched an painted while I'm gone so the workers moved our bed out of our bedroom. So when Braden found the envelope that said "go look under Mom and Dad's bed" there was a slight problem. Especially since that envelope then told him where the "prize" was. Blake called and fortunatley I had reception so and even more fortunately I was able to remember what the clue said....

I had found a neat book about Michael Jackson and a fun animal book for Mason. These are pictures Blake sent me of Braden reading the clues and then showing his book to Mason this morning. It made my day to see these!

Mason swimming on Sunday

He's pretty fascinated with shadows right now, so he must have been checking this one out!

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