Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gone Fishin'

Mason's First Fish!

After a long day at work, Blake decided to make it just a little bit longer and take BOTH boys fishing. I wasn't sure I heard him correctly the first time! He had mentioned it as a possibility to me, but after Braden's rough afternoon he promised Braden he would take him. Braden has an infection in his ear canal that has spread into his face. He mentioned that his cheek was sore and we could feel a lump so I took him to the doctor after lunch. He had to get an antibiotic shot, two more today, and one more tomorrow. No swimming until the doctor says!

Braden can cast, put the worm on the hook, and even get the fish off the hook!

I think Mason had more fun with the worms!

This big guy actually ended up on Mason's pole, and after Blake reeled him in, Braden was happy to hold him for the picture. This was definitely a "catch and release" back into Mr. Brock's pond.

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