Saturday, July 18, 2009

Congratulations Blake! 1:21:57

Blake did great. . .he finished! We haven't gone back to check times yet, but we are soooooo proud of him! The finish line was set up great because we got to see him coming down the hill before he made the turn and looped back around to the finish line. We were able to cheer, yell and scream him on!!!

This is him making the turn, so we knew to get in position by the finish line!
Braden stood right there by the finish line to watch him run by. He was very proud of his dad!

Blake felt very prepared. His months of training served him well. He only had to bike 13 miles but in training would bike 26 - 30. He got a ton of advice, and said the hardest part was the swimming.

Mason was very proud of his Daddy, too, and even took an early nap so he would be in a GREAT mood at the race.

Having a little post-run chat with Nan & Pop.
A few comments from Blake:
Glad it's over! Couldn't have done it without the support of Christel and the boys. They make quite a cheering section!

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