Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Blake!

Below is the rest of our celebration for Blake. Braden and I picked up his cake, (thank you Heather! To quote Blake, "Heather outdid herself on this one!") and quickly got his candles inserted while Mason took a cat nap. We only had a number 3 then 4 tall candles so we made our own 34! Blake and I had a quiet dinner at one of our favorites, Chatters.

The babysitter was able to snap a family picture before we put Mason to bed. Actually she had just put Mason to bed when we got home from dinner, but we couldn't celebrate without him, so we brought him back down for a few pictures!

Mason was so proud of himself standing in the middle of the table.

Then he found the cherry tomatoes from our garden, and of course thought they were balls and wanted to play with them.

We put Mason back to bed while we cut the cake and opened presents.

Blake just found a typo on the gift certificate we gave him. Amazingly it had Pittsburg spelled as Pittsburgh.

Happy Birthday, to you! I took a little trip down memory lane today and it's hard for me to believe you were just about to celebrate your 22 birthday the first time we met at Sav-On. Little did I know that within 3 short years I would fall madly in love with you, marry you, and then become the mother of these adorable boys! I'm so happy to have helped celebrate your last 12 birthdays, and I hope to celebrate at least 40 or 50 more!

Our morning was a little hectic today, which really isn't anything new, but I took Mason a little early while Blake and Braden finished getting ready. When Braden remembered it was Daddy's birthday he wasn't going to be happy until we have him his card (of course singing) that sang MC Hammer "Can't touch this" I also got an email from our neighbor, Sabrina, with Birthday wishes for Blake, because Braden had already told them that he was 34 today. I'm just glad he got the age right!

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