Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two tubes later. . . .

Mason is home and doing great! He did amazingly well this morning deviating from our normal routine of warm milk as soon as he wakes up! Blake and I were both pleasantly surprised. We were scheduled to be at the surgery center at 7 a.m., and not a minute earlier, since that's when they open. We had to wake Braden up so he could be ready in time, which is always a gamble. He tends to be much happier when he wakes up on his own. He did great this morning, but did have a "crick" in his neck, which needed lots of extra attention.

We were only in the office about 10 minutes before they got Mason in his "gown" and Blake in his scrubs and hair/shoe covers. Sorry, I didn't have the camera!!! He took Mason back, while Braden and I played a round of Go Fish in the waiting area. It was less than 10 minutes and Blake came back out. They put Mason under with a little gas, and in less than 30 minutes he was waking up. I remembered from Braden that he wouldn't be in a very good mood when he woke up. We heard him cry a few minutes before they came to get us. I went back to be with him, but even I couldn't bring much comfort. The nurse said they're just in a "funk" from being hungry and feeling funny from the anesthesia, etc. He finally fell asleep about the time the little guy next to us woke up with his own set of tears.

Having some grapes when we got home. You can see the cotton ball in his ear with a little blood on it.

Dr. Baker said his right ear looked great, but his left ear was infected, so we'll keep an eye out for drainage, but the tubes should take care of it in the future! We have to get him used to wearing ear plugs, that should be interesting!
He has a little bit of blood in one ear, enough to fascinate Braden, but so far seems to be fine. He doesn't have much on his tummy, some apple juice and grapes, but I think after a nap and a good lunch he'll be perfect. We hope!


  1. glad that's over with. It's always a little strange when little ones "go under." Glad it's over with for you guys!