Monday, July 27, 2009

Love, love, love our neighbors!!!!!

We had plans to attend Tyler's "surprise" birthday party on Saturday night in Fayetteville. Everyone met at the Powerhouse in one of the private rooms. Tyler was quite surprised to walk in and see so many faces staring back at him!

We knew it was going to be a late night and had arranged with our dear, dear neighbor, Sabrina (mother of Braden's best buddy, Will) to watch the boys from about 4 to midnight. About mid-week she called and said words that were music to my ears "why come home, you two should just stay the night!" So we did! Much to Blake's surprise, I made the arrangements for us to stay at Inn at the Mill where almost 10 years ago we got engaged.

Blake and I cannot fully express our gratitude to the Arbuckle's for giving us the peace of mind to take that time for ourselves. It was MUCH NEEDED and we are so thankful to be in Pittsburg, KS, and have the friends we have here, ESPECIALLY our wonderful, wonderful neighbors!


Sunday morning, in front of the waterfall where Blake got down on bended knee. The sweetest part was that two different people asked if we were the newlyweds.

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