Monday, July 6, 2009

Farmer Braden & Dancin' Mason

The garden is doing GREAT! I could be wrong but I think it's the best garden we've ever had! Braden is very good about only picking veggies that Blake tells him to pick. After taking care of a visiting rabbit early on (granules of Bobcat urine) all of the plants are growing and producing! Blake even planted some herbs, including mint, and Braden and Will love to pick a few leaves and chew them up. Braden is so funny explaining that "you can even swallow it"

After the veggies were picked and Blake was back at the grill, Mason enjoyed his favorite activity of finding a station and dancing!

He loves to turn the knobs on this little radio we use outside. Blake tries to steer him to the volume knob but he likes the tuning knob, too!

His moves consist of bending his knees up and down and sometimes waving one arm!

Braden found a song he really liked, so he didn't want Mason to change the station.

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