Monday, July 27, 2009

We are ready for Kindergarten!

Friday afternoon, I picked Braden up a little early and we had a "special day" of shopping for school supplies and new school shoes. We got a little snack first at Starbucks, chocolate soy milk and a cookie for him and a smoothie for Mom! Then we walked over to the shoe store. It was not as simple as "these look cool" he had to try them on and see if he could run super fast in them. So we got the pair that (on sale) could make him run the fastest.

Then we headed to WM. I didn't have the supply list with me but had seen them in the store. I was trying to remember which items were listed and Braden was sadly disappointed to find he only needed crayons, a plastic box, tissues and baby wipes. He wanted markers, a ruler, glue, and mechanical pencils! He kept insisting that his nose was NOT RUNNING so he DID NOT need tissues. We also passed on the wipes, but I have plenty at home to send on the big day!

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