Monday, July 13, 2009

From the Garden

As a lifetime lover of tomatoes married to one who doesn't care for them, I feel very lucky that he spends so much time and care on our tomato plants. He surprised me this summer by planting purple tomatoes. I have never even heard of purple tomatoes and Braden enjoyed every second of surprising me with our first beautiful, giant purple tomato.

I photographed it next to one of our red ones so you can see the variation in it's color. It was delicious! I chopped it up, added a cucumber and basil from the garden, and a little bit of rice vinegar and olive oil, and had it for lunch on Sunday.

Mason checking out Braden's basket of goodies

Mason checking out Blake's soaking wood chips

Hanging out in the "empty" kiddie pool. The boys spent about an hour in the pools after the T-ball game on Saturday and I took them to the pool on Sunday.

While Mason was in his empty pool, Braden took advantage of the sandbox.

Hmmm, what's Braden doing? I think he needs some help.

This lasted long enough for Blake to finish grilling, and ended with Mason having a major dirty diaper that ran Braden out of the sandbox and both of them straight to the bath tub.

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