Monday, July 13, 2009

We are the Champions

Saturday we had our last game of the season. There's one more this Saturday, but Blake will be a little busy at the Mighty Mite in Forrest City!

Braden literally ran out of the frame of the camera while I was trying to get his picture! He got to play first base for most of the game, and did a GREAT job. Blake's only request was that he pay attention! He didn't catch the ball every time, but he did an excellent job paying attention and being ready for it!

A little Third Base coaching session

And he scores! He's so funny because one of the little boys slid so several times Braden attempted to slide at every base, even when it wasn't necessary!

Getting ready for high-fives! One little boy had to leave early and one broke his arm last week (not playing T-ball). His mom called and left a message before practice and Braden had a ball telling everyone at practice and the game that, "Colton got his arm broke off."

Good game, good game, good game.

Mason has no problem occupying himself during the game, but he won't stay out of the dugout. It's way too tempting to be in there with all those boys and baseballs.

Trying to get a little water

After the game Blake congratulated them on a great season and explained that he won't be there next week. Can you see Mason making his way forward?

He made it all the way into Daddy's lap, as he handed out the medals for each of the boys. Braden of course wanted to help so Blake would read the name then hand it to Braden. One of the boys asked "Are we the Champions?" of course the answer was "Yes!" They don't keep score at this level, so everyone is a champion!!!!

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  1. Great pics! Nice to see Mason in team colors too...