Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another reason why I LOVE BLAKE!

In keeping with the tradition of taking the boys for their vaccinations, Blake took Braden for his kindergarten shots today, four total, two in each leg. On his last trip to Wal-Mart with Blake, he got to look at the toys, (we're not buying this close to his birthday) and for his reward for being so brave, we bought a Batman motorcycle he had his eye on. Because he was getting a physical, too, the morning started off with him having to "pee in a cup" which was actually a vial the Dr. sent home with us. Braden couldn't quite understand WHY he was doing this, but went along with it just the same (thank you Blake for taking care of this, too).

Blake emailed me a report after he got back to work:

He did well. I told him not to look, but he did at the last second and I think that made it worse. He cried for about two or three minutes, but was already back to normal by the time we left the Dr. He couldn’t wait to tell Corin and everyone at school why he was late. His legs were pretty numb, so I gave him some Tylenol before I dropped him off.

He’s in the 50th percentile in terms of weight (which is right in the middle), but is in the 90th percentile in terms of height. The nurse couldn’t believe he’s still only four. McDaniel said everything checked out, although Braden’s nostrils are irritated, perhaps due to allergies. He asked if Braden rubbed his nose a lot or complained about it itching. Of course, he has, so we’re going to try out a children’s version of a new Nasonex-type mist that Braden will shoot up his nose every night. McDaniel says it’s been proven to not only help with dry, irritated bronchial passages, but also helps with cough and helps children sleep better at night. The nurse also gave Braden coupons for chicken and French fries at McDonald’s. He was impressed with that, but not nearly as much as the Batman cycle. He just wanted to hold it between the Dr’s office and school.

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