Friday, May 8, 2009

Our "living" room

This post is part of a "show us where you live" series on a blog I follow. I missed the kitchen portion, which was last Friday. Actually I could have posted, BUT I had no time for damage control. So this is my virtual tour. Most of you viewing this have actually been to our house, and have probably never seen it this clutter free.

Our home is over 100 years old, was drastically updated sometime in the 80's and then the family who we purchased it from did a lot of updating. We have done NOTHING to the inside, except paint Braden's room blue (it was pink) and Mason's nursery from purple to green. We also recently removed wallpaper from a bathroom.

The Peach walls would not have been my choice but I can live with them! They have a lovely faux texture painted on them.

On a normal day, (not when these pictures were taken at 1o o'clock at night when everyone else was asleep) there is a path of throw rugs from the front door to the hardwood. I would never have picked white carpet!!!!

Please note, that most of the pictures were originally hung perfectly straight, but after countless indoor baseball, football, beach ball volleyball games INSIDE the photos are constantly askew!

When you walk in our front door (normally there's a pile of shoes near the door) you see the couch and large round mirror, see below. This couch is the one of two brand new furniture purchases we've made in almost 9 years of marriage. I'm no longer in love with the design, but it the most comfortable couch I've ever sat on, and I slept on it the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy with Mason.

On this wall, there is a mixture of family photos, a New Yorker cover I fell in love with, and some of Braden's artwork. The abstract piece above the galvanized magazine holder is actually a clock. It was a gift from Blake, he found it I believe in Sacramento. I LOVE IT!

Still standing at the front door to the left you see these lovely blue chairs, passed along from our dear friend Anne in Fort Smith. They were perfect in our other home beacuse the walls were neutral. Looking at them in this picture it screams Country Living. I just need some long eared rabbits and mauve bows to finish it off...oh well. The table between was passed down from my grandparents. The entertainment center is the second brand new purchase, we made as we were leaving Fort Smith. We loaded it from the store onto the U-haul and brought it straight to Kansas.

If you look to the right you see the playroom.

On the opposite wall from the front door, next to the couch is the entryway into the dining room.

Almost directly across from the dining room entryway is our entertainment center.

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