Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Braden's Birthday Wish List

With every trip to the "store" Braden asks about toys and gets the same response "No buddy, it's too close to your birthday," so on his last trip with Blake he let him pick out whatever toys he wanted and Blake took a picture for his "list." This worked GREAT at Christmas, and was once again a success. He had so much fun just getting to pick the toys up and have a picture taken.

It's already started, he and Mason are getting a "joint" birthday gift this year, a swing set. Of course we've told Braden it's his "early" present and asked if we could tell Mason it's for his birthday, too. He went right along with this.

Last September our best buddy Will had silly string at his birthday party. He also had a bounce around and cotton candy, but Braden has not forgotten about the silly string. Blake asked him if he would like to have a swing set for his birthday and he said, "Yeah, can I have some silly string, too?"

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  1. Love this idea, I might steal it for Zach's b-day!: )