Thursday, May 14, 2009

Come visit. . . and this is where you'll sleep!

Once again I'm joining in on the Show us where you live blog tour at Kelly's Korner. This is our guest room where we would be glad to host you for a day or two or three! Actually right now this is my bedroom every-other-night and Blake's bedroom the rest of the nights. Mason's nursery is upstairs across the hall, so it's just easier for us to sleep up here! Again, come visit and we'll be happy to let you have this room. . . . and Mason's 4 a.m. feeding!

The white duvet was pre-children and now works best in the guest room. Everything is black and white except the throw pillows and a decorative stained glass piece.

Probably most interesting is the furniture. Months after getting married (9 years ago) we purchased my friend Amy's bedroom set that she's had since high school, so we could have furniture for our gest room. Six years later when we moved to Kansas, I became inspired by Pottery barn and took the time to paint the headboard and night stand. I LOVE IT.

No Amy, you can't have it back!

The upstairs bedrooms were the result of finishing out an attic space so they have sloped ceilings, no closets, but cute little built-ins. The view from the bed has become the family wall. As we get pics of or with family members I hang them i this room in black frames.

A place to hang your hat...

You can't imagine my delight when I found this cute square lamp at a yard sale, and I happened to know the lady so she GAVE it to me!
The other great thing is that under all this white lime green sheets are waiting on you!

I keep a stack of books near the night stand, another stack in the built in shelf, and some random books and magazines in this yard sale gem!


  1. such a quaint little guest room! Ours is across from my daughter's nursery as well, and I slept there for many months to keep from going up and down the stairs all night long! :)

  2. What a great cozy room! :-) I love it! thanks for having us!

  3. I love rooms with book supplies in...


  4. I absolutely love the magazine holder. I sleep in my guest room too for now because of all the newborn feedings.