Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here we go again…

I don't know which is worse to be the biter or the bitten. When Braden was even younger than Mason, he was being targeted by the lone biter in his daycare room. At the time we would get an incident report that "another child" bit Braden. . . again. Blake and I were very sympathetic, knowing how hard that age is for discipline not to mention comprehension. But as time went on our frustrations grew. We contemplated which ornery boy in that class kept biting our precious son. Then I got an email at work from the mother of this angelic little girl, Madeline, who had a cherubs face and adorable ringlet curls, apologizing for her daughter biting Braden. We couldn't believe it! Of course she didn't realize we had NO IDEA it was Madeline.

Now it's Mason's turn. There are some adorable little girls in his class, but we were informed yesterday that it was a "he" playing with Mason and he just reached over and bit him. Poor Mason. My biggest hope is that like his big brother, Mason also refrains from "becoming" a biter.

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