Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Marathon

I had the best Mother's Day ever. I am so thankful to be a mom and that I have the most wonderful guys in the world. I got several cards in the mail (thank you Nan & Pop, and Suzie) and even got to see my own Mom!

Our Mother's Day marathon started on Saturday night after the Batman birthday party. My mom called out of the blue and invited us to join them in Joplin for dinner. After much discussion it was decided that Blake would go home with a fussy Mason (he was not happy about the 30 minute ride in his car seat) and that Braden and I would drive over to join my Mom and Chelsea.

A quick pic with my middle sister, Chelsea, and my Mom.

Of course we had to squeeze Braden in there, too.

Then on Sunday morning I was awakened by a tap tap tap on my shoulder. Braden was so anxious to give me my goodies! One of the best presents of all.... I had the pleasure of getting 2 wonderful nights of uninterrupted sleep, Blake took the upstairs shift two nights in a row!

Mason was thrilled with the music card that Blake and Braden picked out.
It let Braden record a message then it played "You're Unbelievable"

I got a great bracelet, that the boys can add charms to over the years. They started it off with "mom" and "2009"

I also got this great coffee cup that came with a special pen that Braden could use to decorate the cup, then we bake it in the oven and the artwork stays on it forever!

And here's my cake! I was so surprised when they brought it out and Blake told me that our grocery store offered this.

And an unexpected gift from Mason yesterday, he can climb the stairs! I had no idea and I ran up there to put a few things away, as I stared to come back down he was almost to the top! I screamed, "OH MY GOSH" which made Blake come running, of course he was thinking snake in the house, but it scared me so badly thinking about how easily he could have fallen! We've been given 3 baby gates and none of them will work at the bottom of our stairs. It didn't take long for me to barricade it with Braden's art desk. Once Mason knew what a big deal it was, he wouldn't stay away from them!!!!!

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