Monday, May 4, 2009

Friday Night Book Club

L to R: Jill, Silvia, Tiffany, & Suzie

Book club is usually the last Thursday of the month, but for April, Silvia had to reschedule us to Friday, which was appropriate since our book was "Friday Night Knitting Club" There was no knitting involved, but lots of laughs and lots of eating! Silvia is native to Paraguay and makes the most amazing food!

Oh yeah, I cheated big time on my "eating healthy plan" how could I not!

Chicken & Beef empanadas, corn casserole, & salad

And a Heather Cake for Leah's birthday in April and Joanna's in May.

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  1. Another great documentation of the Book Club...great pics of the table and food! :) Loved it!