Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby bed to Big Boy toys

Again, this is part of a series of home tours being held by a blog I follow. I've enjoyed looking at everyone's pictures so much, I wanted to share my own! Can you tell we love the Cardinals? Braden really doesn't have a choice as a fourth generation Cardinal fan! Although lately he's been questioning his dad about the Royals and the Cubs. Because we are now in Kansas, it's ok to like the Royals, but the Cubs are another story! (Sorry Clint)

When I was pregnant with Braden and we found out he was a boy, I started envisioning a nursery. We already had a room painted yellow, so I thought denim and red would go great! I hadn't really gotten into a "theme" when packages from ebay started arriving on our doorstep. Cardinal memorabilia was to become our nursery theme! I asked Blake what he was going to do when Braden decided he wanted Sponge Bob or Batman. . ."no problem, I'll just put it in my office" he was definitely thinking ahead!

When we moved into our home in Kansas this was an adorable little girls room, painted in pink on pink stripes. I left the diamond yellow pattern in this nook, but painted the rest blue! There are batman sheets under this baseball quilt! The panoramic poster of Bush Stadium was nursery art ordered by Blake, and the posters above were a Christmas gift from Nan and Pop 2 years ago. She made posters using pics of Braden and family at different Cardinal games.

The curtain above the closet is part of the crib skirt I made for Braden's baby bedding. Sorry for the glow in the dark skeleton hanging from the light. It's a leftover from Halloween, but Braden loves that it glows in the dark.

I didn't have matching curtains for 3 windows, so we created this penant valance. Blake did what he does best and found the penants on ebay and I velcroed them to a curtain rod.

This dresser was Blake's "college dresser" so I didn't feel bad decoupaging these pictures from the Cardinals winning the world series all over it. The bench in front was a gift from Leslie, and it has Braden's name on top.

This is a removable wall graphic of a Braden. This picture is from his first round of T-Ball last summer. Next to this graphic are framed tickets of his very first Cardinal game in St. Louis at 15 months old. He's gone to at least one every year!

The giant baseball bat is my all time biggest splurge. It's from Pottery Barn. . .enough said. For Christmas two years ago, my cousin gave me a PB gift card as my gift, just so I wouldn't feel too guilty buying this! I can see this in his room all through high school!

I also love the black shadow box (see below). This was a yard sale find, pink at the time, and has been perfect for displaying SOME of Braden's Cars character cars. He fell in love with the Cars movie as we were potty training and most of these cars were his "prizes" for filling his potty sticker chart.

Mason's Crib. . . literally

I need to start off by thanking Blake for painting this room! Our local high school colors are purple and white, so when we bought our house, this room was very purple. It has lots of angles and nooks so it was not an easy task! The color is much brighter in person.

I had so much fun picking out the fabric to make this bedding for Mason. Although after I got home I was a little scared that it was "too much" now I LOVE IT! Everything I read when pregnant with Braden stated that babies could see high contrast images best, and that pastels got a little "muddy" so I wanted him to see and love his bedding! I made the skirt and valance, and a dear friend in Arkansas, Susie Lee, made the bumper pad. The best part is it's in 6 sections, so I could flip and turn it to create a different look!

The Lion rug was actually meant for a kids bathroom. I didn't originally intend to go with an animal theme, but after I started working on the artwork, it just happened.

This table was a Goodwill find and I painted it. Blake says it reminds him of a Mad Hatter tea party. I take that as a compliment. The green striped lamp came from Leslie, and the adorable orange piggy bank was a shower gift from my aunt Ann, purchased at Lad-n-Lassie in Mountain Home, AR.

The mobile was Braden's and although it clashed with his denim and red Cardinal nursery, it couldn't have been more perfect for Mason's room! (This was Mason at 7 months)

I had grand intentions of "painting" all of this artwork on canvases while pregnant, but time got away from me and all of a sudden we had a month before Mason arrived. Instead, I designed each piece and had it printed and mounted to foam core. It wasn't too expensive this way, so I can change it out if I want, but for right now we love it!

This is in the nook next to the bed. It was perfect for feedings, the rocking chair (left over from Braden) fit just right and there was nice light even at night from this little window.

These airplanes are those tiny balsa wood pieces that come in a package and you assemble them. I painted them with leftover paint from the table and hung them above the changing table with wire. They keep Mason somewhat distracted during diaper changes.

This artwork hangs above the changing table. I tell Braden the giraffes on the right are he and his dad and the ones on the left are Mason and I.

Like our guest room, this is our other "attic" room, which doesn't have a closet. My mother-in-law (thank you Janet) found this gem at an antique store where she lives. It's a children's armoire, PERFECT for Mason's little clothes. I painted the book shelf to the right, it was plain white, discovered at one of my favorite stores....Salvation Army.

Another gift from Aunt Ann the black and white blocks, and the frame that matches the piggy bank came from my cousin, Becki.

These ADORABLE shoes were a gift from the owner of Lad-n-Lassie, Beverly. The other shoe has Mason's birth date.

These built in shelves are perfect for odds and ends. I wish I could have found contrasting bins on the bottom shelf, but the green matches the walls so it's ok. They have bibs, blankets, changing pad covers and sheets in them.


  1. Great pics. I love the wall graphic. and all the colors you have for Mason are wonderful. :)

  2. I love little boys rooms!! these are great and you did a great job!! I love seeing sports themes!!

  3. Two awesome boy rooms - thanks for the inspiration! The hanging planes are so cute!

  4. ok, I gotta say...I LOVE the paintings and his name! That's wonderful. I didn't see those when we were up there. Did you have them there then? I can't believe I would have missed them.

  5. i loooooove your nursery! that is one of the cutest i've ever seen!