Thursday, May 21, 2009

Table for four please

Our Dining Room

I must admit, our table is never this clear! It's the drop box for mail, Braden's school papers, dinner, Mason's daily sheet, you name it! I try, but it never lasts!

Here is the rundown:
Table: purchase from Blake's aunt Tish's fleamarket booth inventory, in 2001, $35
Chairs: my Aunt Ann redecorated and passed these along $0
Buffet: acquired from my grandparents $0

I love this room, but not the wallpaper. Our previous dining room was a beautiful deep red and this painting was beautiful against the red.

Chest: family piece, I acquired it falling apart with extensive water damage. My in-laws (Bonnie & Rick) restored it and delivered it when they came for Braden's arrival.
Bird cage: Christmas gift from Aunt Ann
Wire stand: this is actually a plant stand, but after many failed attempts with house plants, it now holds a few platters and pitchers.
Horizontal plate rack: wedding gift

Hutch: acquired from my grandparents, holds our photo albums, stationery, etc. $0

These numbered albums are just of Braden. Now that Mason is here, I do not have the drive to keep separate albums so I get double prints of the pics with both boys and we now have just family albums.

The ceiling is my favorite feature of our dining room.

Braden's art gallery. I bought a set of metal strips and put magnetic clips on them for Braden to display his artwork.

We eat here every night. Braden has a little table with two chairs that he "sometimes" gets to eat at and watch TV. Mason's high chair is in the corner, so he also eats in here everynight!


  1. you have beautiful old (restored) pieces and I love your ceiling

  2. I love your dining room ceiling! Thanks for sharing.

    - Emily

  3. Nice space! That ceiling is great! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love all of your furniture! Thanks for the tour!

  5. Your ceiling is so neat! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a great idea for displaying your little boys artwork. I love that!

  7. I love how much you spent on your pieces in the dining room and they are lovely pieces too. Great ceiling.