Friday, May 21, 2010

Tough Boys Dance

Braden is going to be in his first choreographed dance performance tomorrow. After he fell in love with the moves of Michael Jackson I asked if he wanted to sign up for a Boys Hip Hop class at our YMCA. His first question was "What will we do there?" my answer "Learn dance moves" his obvious response "I already have dance moves, Momma"

So he's been doing it every Friday since January. The class has about 16 boys from 6 to 12, and the first dance is to "Bad Guys" from Bugsy Malone. These are pictures from their first costume fittings and the day of their pictures. We provided the shirt and pants, and the tie, hat and suspenders are their signature accessories.

Good thing he's got those ears to hold that hat up! We had to make a few modifications to help it fit his head better!

I'm not going to lie, there were many days he did not want to go, because it wasn't the booty shakin' he was used to, but counts and specific moves the teacher wanted them to learn. She's an excellent teacher and her son was in the class, too. All in all there were 3 little guys and she was great about giving them extra attention.

I had no idea what I was in for regarding the performance. We had 3 dress rehearsals this week and because the guys are performing two dances in both the afternoon and evening shows, they had to be at all 3 rehearsals the entire time!

Nana and Papa are in for a real treat! They drove to Fayetteville tonight so they can be here in time for both shows tomorrow! Braden is so excited they are driving here just to see him!

Don't worry, the rest of you will definitely get to see it on YouTube!

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