Sunday, May 30, 2010

Braden's Birthday Day

Since we had the big party before Braden's actual birthday, I wanted it to be a special day, but a little more low key. A friend in town invited us over to swim at their pool, the water was already at 84 degrees. I asked him if he would like to take a friend for a special lunch then a swim....his first choice was Will, who was out-of-town, so he decided on River. I was willing to take them anywhere for lunch and his choice was our front porch. His reasoning was I could bring them the food, like in the restaurant. Not my first choice, but that's what we did!

They loved swimming! I think this was the first big swim for both of them this summer. It was funny because they both insisted we get all the "bugs" or as Braden put it, tarantulas, out of the pool before either of them would get in.

I of course broke the "cardinal rule" of no swimming on game or practice days, because his coach a.k.a. Blake, scheduled the first T-ball practice on his birthday. This was a quick dinner at our local burger joint, Freddy's, before practice.

No small bites for this guy....that's one half of a grilled cheese, in one bite!

This was actually the night before his birthday, and we had to get a shot of all his cards. It's been a busy week for the mailman!

Mason doing his "shake the mess off" dance after dinner.

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