Saturday, May 15, 2010

Braden's Birthday Wish List

You might think from the invitation that Braden is only interested in Star Wars. . . .not the case. We just took our ritual wish list photo session at Walmart, and as you can see his wants and interests span many characters. . .and many price ranges! Many of you have asked for ideas, which is what prompted our first photo session, but it seems to work great! My first response is always "Something for outside" since that's where we spend most of our time in the summer.


Water gun

Diving sticks for the pool

Football for the pool

Diving rings for the pool

More diving toys....

This mask and snorkel is actually for a 10 year old, but you get the idea. . .

Wand of bubbles $1

Crazy bubble guy

Mega Water Gun!

He is also back in love with his batter operated Thomas The Train collection. He and Will build tracks over and over and over for these guys to run on!

Extra train track

We also fell in love with the new "How To Train Your Dragon" movie, and he doesn't have any of the new toys from the movie.

Mason patiently eating his sucker as Braden made his selections!

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