Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Cookout

It was a perfect afternoon for a cookout! No rain, little humidity and perfect in the shade. Several of our guests had to decline the invite, but after our massive birthday party last weekend, this was the perfect number of people and the perfect mix. The kids got along great, kids will be kids, and I think Braden got a few "words of wisdom" but for the most of the night there was minimal tattling, no tears, and they did a great job entertaining themselves with sidewalk chalk, the mud, tag, our swing set and a scrub brush and water.....

We missed Silvia, and after seeing these pictures I'm sure she's questioning what she missed, but Todd and the girls, Suzie, The Ward's minus Zach, and even our neighbor Betty were there. As Jill pointed out, it was not the traditional BBQ menu...Blake did his signature pork, hot dogs for the kids, but Jill brought a Balsamic Quinoa salad and Todd whipped up some awesome Tabbouleh! I finally put Mason to bet around 9, and it was closer to 9:30 that our guest left! Good times!

There will come a day when this beautiful "little" girl will be a teenager and not so proud of her evening playing in the mud....I can't wait! oxoxoxoxo you Mattie!

Braden got the pep talk, no playing Piggie in the mud like he did after his birthday party. Mattie missed the party, but definitely made up for the mud play during our cookout.

Jill and Mr. Dylan

Why yes, Braden's nails are painted, by Mattie. . . .with MUD!

No Photoshopping on this pic. . .those my real blemishes and "fine lines"

Mattie advanced from the nails to the facial hair!

Mason loves following the big kids around, but was also thrilled to have someone his size!

Hannah didn't get in on the mud, but she had a lot of fun with the girls and of course Braden.

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