Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Like most people and especially Mom's I love presents and surprises! My guys made sure I got plenty of both! Yesterday started off with Blake taking the boys "out of my hair" for a few hours, which I naturally thought meant shopping! Among a little shopping, he took them to our local grocery store, Ron's, and let them each decorate a cake for me! According to the front page of today's paper, there were 250 families there.

Hmmm, wonder how his tongue got so blue?

This morning after church, I got to open my beautiful cards the boys made at school, a giant singing card and a very special card from Blake. I also got a few cards in the mail yesterday (thanks Nan & Pop)!

I have to say my guys did VERY good showering me with gifts. A much needed new hair dryer, some new gardening gloves (my first pair ever) and a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure!

I thought I was lucky finding Blake, and had no idea that it was always going to get better. Nothing prepared me for motherhood. Beyond all the gifts, cards and cakes, I will take those hugs, cuddles, smiles and even tears any day! Mason has started calling my "Mommy" which Braden never did. . .to him I'm just "Mama" Braden still wants to curl his knees and elbows up into my lap, especially in the evening, and I know it won't last much longer. They love to run in and wake me up on the weekends, and both boys love to help me. Whether it's watering flowers, washing clothes, or picking up toys, they both want to help.

To them I am perfect and I hope that it's always that way.

I love you boys, thank you, Blake for making me a Mama!

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  1. awww, sweet. These times are certainly fleeting. Happy mother's day!