Monday, May 24, 2010

The Bash

The Cupcakes

The Cake

The Goody Gift: Water shooters and Shields from both the Pittsburg and Forrest City Dollar Trees!

Papa: The Tattoo Parlor

The Birthday Boy - Feeling tough after his tattoo

Our 30 guests

Jolley Trolley Snow Cones

This was "after" the Darth Vader pinata came down

B-Man and Ethan (please note the color of Braden's swim trunks)

Time for cake

Even Mason had fun!

Passing out the "thanks for coming" goodies

Blake was in mid-stride to "get something" from "someone" and I got a smile from him!

Tyler found this GIANT worm in the mud around the pools. He then proceeded to chase all the girls and some of the boys with it as his mom tried to get him to get his shoes on, which we didn't find until the pools were drained.

Remember the color of Braden's swim trunks?

This was the after-party. Everyone left close to 4, but Will stayed to play!

I love that you can't see anything except their blue eyes!

Blake had to wrap Braden in a towel just to get him to the shower!

Where did that clean boy come from? This was after they both got to open their gifts from Nana and Papa!

Papa commenting on how good they smell!

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  1. Great pics! I heard all about if from mine, but it was great to see. Sorry I missed it!