Friday, May 21, 2010

Super Kids Day

Wednesday was the Lakeside Super Kids day at Lakeside Park. The park is directly across from the school, and it's really a great setting! Braden is in the bright yellow shirt, so you can't miss him!

This was basically a bean bag toss...

This is the first girl Braden seems to be smitten with. . . .Kayla Clark. We know her parents, and they live a few blocks over, so Blake took Braden trick-or-treating at her house. Since then anytime we see her at school, at the YMCA, in any of the dance performances he always says "Mom, there's Kayla Clark!" So the fact that he got to stand next to her for this activity was a pretty big deal!

As an upperclassman (5th grader) she was helping to run the different stations.

I asked Braden afterward if he wanted me to ask Kayla to pose with him for a picture and he said "No Mom, she's busy!"

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