Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Un-Birthday

At Braden's school they have what is called the Un-Birthday where the kids can bring treats to celebrate their birthday, even though it's during one of the breaks. Braden's last day of school is this Friday, so he had his Un-Birthday yesterday.

Mrs. Vacca had this on the prjector and the kids got to tell things they love about Braden.

These are the adorable cookies that I can't take any credit for! That goes to Heather!

A few of the guys! These kids are so funny, as soon as they see a camera, they all want to have a picture taken. Most of them were as bad as Mason "I see, I see"

Birthday King and his good friend Lou, with River in the background

Gavin, Jeremy, Braden & River

William and Myah

Braden with his finished List
6 Things We Love About Braden:
1. He makes us laugh
2. He has a great smile!
3. He is polite and uses his manners.
4. He helps clean up at centers.
5. He plays games with us.
6. He shares toys at centers.

Right after their snack they went to their centers for play time and Braden made these huge ships out of sticky blocks. I hadn't seen these in a very long time, maybe since I was in Kindergarten, but as soon as I saw them I remembered playing with them!

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