Thursday, May 13, 2010

Scarface....Mason's second set of stitches

This is our "new" outdoor toy box, which keeps us from making 100 trips to the basement to get toys out and then put them back up. Mason insisted on balancing on the edge, at least 4 inches off the ground, to try to reach his toys, on Sunday. Blake was able to capture this moment with his phone.

As you can see here, he would teeter just on the edge of falling all the way in, and of course screamed "my do it" any time we tried to help! Which leads us to Mason's second round of stitches.

Mason goes full speed all the time, and Monday at school he hit the corner of a table "just right" and sliced the corner of his mouth. I was in a meeting at work and did not get the call, so it was Daddy to the rescue. To be honest, I'm glad Blake was the one to take him. Neither Braden and I could watch for the first round above his eye.

He only had to get one stitch and Blake said the whole time he kept saying "done, done, done" which means of course, He wants to be done with whatever is going on. The report at school was how brave he was and really didn't cry much after the initial incident, and Blake said he didn't cry much while getting the stitch, even after the Doctor pulled the first one out accidentally and had to do it a second time! Thank you Blake for being the hero! Blake brought Mason by my office so I could kiss on him, and he kept saying "fall on table"

While getting the antibiotic rx filled, Blake got popsicles for the boys, and as you can see here, Mason loved his! He's still got a scratch and the stitch comes out next week.

For the record, Braden has never even had stitches, and his first trip to the ER was after we moved to Pittsburg and he poked his eye with a stick, while helping Blake put Christmas lights up outside.


  1. oh no! Stitches again for real?? He's gonna be your little ER man I suppose. Maybe he'll grow up to be a doctor!

  2. oh, and I forgot to write that Mason teetering on the edge of that toybox reminds me of my sister. when she was in kindergarten she tried to get the milk out of the little cooler thing, and toppled in all the way. I could only see her legs waving around. I still remember that like it was yesterday AND...I still remind her frequently. HA!