Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hannah's Visit

Braden and I made a quick trip to Arkansas on Thursday to meet with Lexie and Jackson, but also to pick up Hannah. On Friday morning we hit the store, got her bangs a little trim, had lunch with a friend who is moving from Pittsburg, and then it was time for kiddie pools!

She was so proud of her new haircut, and looked so sweet showing off her bangs!

They were soooo good at lunch and couldn't wait to hit the pools! Hannah got into the swing of the water shooters, very quickly!

Although Hannah had a great time. . . .she got to spend $5 at Claire's on Saturday, we had a cookout Saturday night, church on Sunday, she still missed her Mom and Dad a lot! So on Sunday, the boys and I loaded up and took her back to Arkansas. Sarah was able to meet us in Jane so we didn't have to make the whole trip to Rogers. We had a very good visit with her!

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